A very merry Christmas and a happy new year with an Avon sales leader! 

Well everyone, today has been a day of de-christmasing the house and getting back to a degree of normality. I thought before the Christmas period is completely out of everyone’s minds that I would share some of our best festive moments from 2015, Avon focused of course.  

First on the agenda, nails!! I was rocking this gorgeous silver sparkly nail polish for New Years eve and I absolutely love it! It’s called Starry Sky and is part of the Avon nailwear pro+ range. I find that these nail varnishes dry pretty fast and cover really well with only one coat!   Here is my little boo testing out Avons bath time paints in Wacky Watermelon and Bursting Berry! These were a huge hit in our house over the holidays and made bath time really fun for the little ones. They don’t stain, smell fab and got the kids super clean! An all round thumbs up!!  Here’s another nail polish which I wore over the Christmas period. It’s called Golden Vision and again, is part of Avons nailwear pro+ range. This colour is rich, luxurious and looked super pretty on my nails. I had quite a few compliments on this colour and like Starry Sky it dried quite quickly and covered really well.   Here I am modeling the Avon Nordic Poncho which I received as a Christmas gift from my mum. The picture below shows the Nordic Poncho in its packaging amidst the other presents piled around the room. The Nordic Poncho is big, warm and cosy and I am absolutely in love with it! I love the colors and the little Christmas patterns lined up across it. My 2 little Christmas puddings, Aka my children, share my feelings and I keep finding this in their bedroom! Even a few of my friends have placed orders for this after seeing mine. Great quality, festive and one size fits all, what more can you want?   

  Here is Avons Rainbow Colour Change Umbrella all ready for those New Years showers, April showers? Pah, this is the Uk after all. Anyhoo, I see this in the Campaign 2 brochure and was rather intrigued as to how good this product really was so thought I’d give it a whirl. Well im pleased to say it was granted my seal of approval. Initially I did a test run under the kitchen tap (see Facebook page for video) to see the colour change clouds turn into little rainbows and then at the first opportunity I had, I took it out for a proper test run. The umbrella is sturdy and not one to get blown inside out easily, mine didn’t actually do this at all but never say never when it comes to brollies and wind. It comes in a matching umbrella cover and is small enough to pop in your bag. Unique, quirky and fun!  Here I am modeling Avons Ultra Colour Lipstick in Red 2000. I chose red as it’s very festive and Christmassy so I felt it went well with the season. This lipstick is from the Satin Shades so is really glossy and silky looking. It glides on nicely and stays put for ages, even when eating and drinking, before needing a touch up. I would say this colour is more on the pinky side of red but still overall very nice. 
  Here is the Christmas Eve crew par one member who was out for the evening. Again, check out the nails! Avons Gel Finish nail polish in Roses are Red this time! My fave polish range in Avon! This range boasts one coat long lasting colour that look like you’ve been to the salon and they aren’t lying! Amazing!!This perfume though!! I actually received this as a free gift with my Campaign 2 order and was really impressed with the cute little bottle it comes in. The perfume is called Today Tomorrow Always and has a pretty feminine floral scent without being too sweet and over bearing. I love this unique fragrance and will be recommending it to anyone who will listen!   Another nail polish I tried out recently is Avons nailwear pro+ in Sinful Romance. This pretty mulberry colour reminded me of sugar plums and winter berries and is a lovely deep colour so I decided to try it out (whilst rocking Sesame Street pjs) and was really pleased with the results.   This next product is my savior at present! Avons Ideal Flawless Matte Mousse Foundation has helped hide the fact that I really have been burning the candle at both ends a bit too much over the holidays. This foundation offers light to medium coverage and really evens out and brightens up my skin tone plus its mattifying which I find helps hide any large pores, spots and any other imperfections I may have.   It’s Avons Christmas Reindeer Rodney! I actually won Rodney as an incentive for sales during the Christmas period and I’m so glad I did! Rodney is super cute and sings with his penguin chums whilst they dance along and his little cheeks light up red! See below as Rodney  photo bombs our kitty cat Marty! Check out Rodney in action on our Facebook page!     My mum also got me a bottle of Avons Far Away perfume, some Avon Footworks goodies and the Avon owl pjs. Far Away is one of my favorite perfumes of all time, probably because it brings back memories of childhood, many hours where spent back then, self entertaining on the scratch and sniff Avon pages, and Far Away has survived the length of time from  30 odd years go until now! It is such a classic! Avons Footworks range is more of a necessity then a luxury to me. I find the whole range really effective and especially love the Heel Softening Cream and the Overnight Renewing Cream. Perfecting for prepping feet for 2016! Lastly my pjs!! I love owls, pjs and metallics so my mum really smashed it with these! The Avon Owl Pjs are well made, good quality, stretchy and cute! The colors are described by Avon as “metallic” although I wouldn’t have used that phrase myself as the owl image is matte as opposed to shiny but to be honest it doesn’t really make a difference to me as I think they are adorable anyway.    Anyhoo my beauts that’s me done for now, I can talk for England and could go on but will leave it for another day. Don’t forget to like our page on Facebook for a chance to enter competitions and prize draws we are frequently running. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and best wishes for 2016!!   

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