Avons Anew Clinical Absoloute Even Dark Circle Corrector Review

imageWelcome to the first post of my shiny new blog! For this article, I have decided to write a review of Avons Anew Clinical Absoloute Even Dark Circle Corrector. I was interested in trying out this product for myself as I suffer from dark under eye circles and no amount of cucumber slices and homemade caffeine under eye treatments seemed to have the ability to erase those bad boys. This 5 star rated product boasts the ability to reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles in 3 days of use by using Shadow Erase Complex. The product also claims to smooth under eye texture and make eyes appear less tired and more alive. As a sales leader, I like to try out products to reccomend to my customers so when I came across a 2 page spread of this little gem in Avons campaign 2 brocure I felt a glimmer of joy! Of course I placed an order for this and patiently awaited it’s arrival. On the day of my Avon delivery, I excitedly rummaged through boxes of orders till I found what I was looking for. The corrector comes packaged in a sleek, stylish, white and green cardboard box clearly labelled as Avons Anew Clinical Absoloute Even Dark Circle Corrector. I opened the box and took out the white and silver tube of shadow corrector. The tube is a good size for an eye cream and has a clear lid covering an applicator nozzle. I discovered an instruction leaflet deep inside the cardboard outer packaging so had a quick read. It instructed me to apply the cream to my eye area every morning and night with the built in applicator to significantly brighten my undereye circles in 3 days of use. Upon reading this information, I decided to make an unbiased, 3 day photo diary showing my dark circle elimination progress with this product. I took the photos at the same time each day, in the same room, facing the light from the same angle, after a bath, with a fresh face free from makeup to ensure that the results were a true reflection of this product and not other external factors. The first time I applied the cream I squeezed a bit too much out of the tube so dabbed the excess with my ring finger onto my eyelid as I figured they could do with some help aswell. I noticed that my eyes watered a little but that may be due to me using too much and getting residue in my eye…whoops! The corrector has a nice light texture and is absorbed easily by the skin. I continued using this product by applying to my undereyes with the applicator and gently patting into my skin with my ring finger every morning and evening for 3 days and have seen definite improvements in my under eye skin texture, circles and puffiness! I hope my photos speak for themselves but my eyes look less tired, more vibrant and my dark under eye circles have lightened at least a shade! I’m going to continue using this product as it really does so what it says and I’m looking forward to seeing the long term effects of using this product. Price wise I think this product is good value for money as it is effective and a little goes a long way. Defo a favourite in my books! I would give this product 10 out of 10!



Author: carlysangelsblog

Avon sales leader selling and recruiting nationwide! Check out my blog for reviews of Avons products, recruitment info, latest news and everything Avon! Have a look in my online personal brocure and Join my team today!

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