A day in the life of an Avon Sales Leader in training!

Well everyone, today I did my first sign up as an Avon Sales Leader! Understandably, I woke up this morning a bag of nerves yet extremely excited about this big step forward in my Avon business but took it all in my stride and thankfully everything went brilliantly! The recruitment process was actually really straightforward, informative and thankfully I had the full support and training of my mentor, who recruited me initially, and accompanied me on this visit.

We arrived at the home of a lady who was interested in selling Avon products at a time previously arranged between ourselves and made a start straight away. We discussed the reasons for wanting to join Avon and identified the lady’s goals before moving on to how the basic structure of Avon works and how you can earn. As an Avon representative, once you hit the minimum order value or “Mov” of £85 you earn 20% commission of the total order and when you hit the higher order value or “Hov” it goes up to 25% commission of the total order!

Earnings aside, my initial interest in wanting to sell Avon was due to the fact that in 5 years I had never once recieved a much wanted Avon brocure through my door! We discussed writing down the names of everyone you know and thinking about whether or not they would like to become an Avon representative or sales leader to get a better idea of how easy it is to sell Avon yourself and build a team.

We discussed the sign up fee of £16 which is actually taken in 2 instalments out of your earnings from your first 2 campaigns so you don’t really feel like your paying anything as no cash is exchanged. We then discussed the allocation of territories and the flexibility that Avon gives people by allowing representatives to only sell to friends and family if preferable so door to door selling is not always necessary!

We also spoke about the much awaited Avon online store which is coming very soon! This will make selling to customers further afield a whole lot easier as orders can be placed online and delivered anywhere in the Uk for a maximum price of £1.50! So you could live in London and have a regular rep in Liverpool! Kool right?

We finished the application process and I couldn’t help but feel pleased with myself that I had recruited my first representative without any hiccups! The process wasn’t at all hard as I had expected and was actually a really enjoyable experience!

On the way home I thought and  pondered over how much more modern and advanced Avon, as a whole, has become since I was a child. Long gone are the days of trawling door to door if it’s not your cup of tea. Avon has taken over the Internet by storm and orders, payments and very soon deliveries will all be able to be done online! It really has become a “business from home” for those who want it to be. On the other hand I quite like going door to door as its a great opportunity to meet new people and talk to some of the neighbours you’ve never spoken to before.

All in all, today has been a good taster of what’s to come in my Avon journey and I’m looking forward to every single minute of it! If your interested in selling Avon or becoming a Sales leader yourself then get on board! Let me know and we can work from there! Anyone can do this! Anyhoo I’m off now my beauts, but before I go, don’t forget to like us on Facebook for regular updates and competitions. Happy blogging!

Author: carlysangelsblog

Avon sales leader selling and recruiting nationwide! Check out my blog for reviews of Avons products, recruitment info, latest news and everything Avon! Have a look in my online personal brocure and Join my team today!

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