The Truth:Selling, Growing and Success!



Would you like to earn some extra income that will fit in well with your current commitments?

    Does being your own boss, setting your own targets and planning your own goals appeal to you?

    If you answered yes to the above then join my team and sell Avon, after all its free to try! I love earning with Avon and I am sure you will too!  

     Avon is extremely versatile and suits men and women equally in various stages of their lives for many different reasons.

    If your looking for a way to increase your earnings why not use Avon as a 2nd income to top up your existing income!  

     If you’ve recently moved to a new area, Avon will help you get out and about, meet new people and make new friends!

    Parents typically enjoy selling Avon as it is so flexible, especially if you have school aged children and have spare hours in the day!  

     New mums on maternity leave also reap the benefits of selling Avon. Some build such strong businesses that they choose not to return to work as financially they don’t need to! 

    Soon to be mums find it convenient to sell Avon as it can be a struggle to get another job and the flexibility that Avon provides, fits in well with having a new baby.  

     Busy people who are always out on the go enjoy the extra income Avon provides by taking the brochures to the places they are busy at such as work, social/professional events and parties! 

    Men also enjoy the income that Avon provides too! The top Avon earner in the UK is a man.  

     Many couples, mothers and daughters and even siblings work together as a team!  

     Representatives can earn up to 25% of sales totals per campaign (every 3 weeks) so if your customers order £400 a campaign you would get approx £100 of that money and to be honest it wouldn’t take a great deal of effort to reach those sale targets.

    Top Representatives can get all expenses holidays and points to trade for prizes and lots of other great incentives!  

    Sales leaders have the option to build their Avon team and make a business that earns them enough money to pay for a mortgage and more. Some work really hard and earn as much as £350k per year! 

      To achieve these levels is not exactly easy and like anything it does takes a lot of hard work, but the efforts you put in will pay off. To be honest, it’s the easiest hard work I’ve ever done in my life and totally enjoyable! 

    Awsell as these great benefits of Avon, top sales leaders can also get all expenses paid holidays, cash bonuses, and even new cars!!  

     Selling Avon is so simple! Ways to sell are unlimited and it’s completely up to you how you chose to do this. 

    Everyone passes brochures out but some to only family and friends, some host pamper Parties, some use online resources and social media such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, and some email online brochures out to customers!  

    Applying is so simple!! Just go to my website and follow the sell Avon link! It’s that easy! Alternatively drop me an email and I can call you to explain it further. I will then provide you with your first 2 sets of brochures and a Free Business Kit! 

    Furthermore, I will show you what to do, how to sell to, and find the people that want Avon!  

     As a sales leader, I also provide ongoing support, coaching and development to my team members so that you and your new Avon business can reach your desired goals. 

    If you want to earn more again, then we are the right team to show you how. You can earn thousands of pounds a year with the new Advanced Leadership programme and on top of that Avon is a great network building opportunity. 

     So long as you can speak to people then Avon couldn’t be simpler to do! With Avon, the customers are out there already, all you do is ask if they would like an Avon brochure and if they do its generally ongoing/repeat custom. 

    The hard work is finding lots of customers, if you want 100, you are going to be asking more people than if you just want 10.   

     Another plus is that returns are free to do. You never get stuck with any unwanted products or have to pay for them yourself. 

    Who can earn with Avon? 

    Anyone! Providing your over 18!

    Avon is great for students, providing you have the time management skills to fit it in around your lesson times and studies. 

    Avon is also great for men and the top earner of Avon in the UK is a man! Just treat it like a job, not a hobby.

     Avon is especially great for women, even If you don’t wear makeup yourself, you earn from passing the brochure around to others. 

    Ex representatives from other direct selling associations, don’t be scared to try again with Avon. We’ve been around for 125 years plus and have many customers out there waiting for a brochure. Just make contact and ask!  

       So after all that what are you waiting for? If I you don’t want to take my word for it then do a little research on Avon opportunities and you will find so many success stories of people changing their lives with Avon! Join Carly’s Angels today and start to earn your way!!  

    Join my team today!  

    Author: carlysangelsblog

    Avon sales leader selling and recruiting nationwide! Check out my blog for reviews of Avons products, recruitment info, latest news and everything Avon! Have a look in my online personal brocure and Join my team today!

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